Heidi is a Loveland, Colorado native. However, she spent several years in Scottsdale, Arizona where she did most of her schooling up through college, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree and graduated at the top of her class with Honors from Arizona State University. She married a photographer shortly after graduating and around 2000, she and her husband moved back to their native home, Colorado, to launch and run their acclaimed photography studio.

Initially, she was the graphic designer for Aspen but wanted more so she began photographing professionally around 2005 as a second shooter at weddings. From there, she began photographing family portraits, and then around 2013 she began photographing high school seniors as a second shooter. In 2015, Heidi began photographing her own shoots and has created an amazing style that is often copied but never perfected. She has mastered her photography skills including posing, composition and lighting.

Heidi's fresh and creative approach has put her at the top of the field. She has won much recognition for her creative and artistic style. Her passion for art and design sense make her a natural born artist. Her sense of color is un-paralleled. Her ability to pull out of people their true beauty is an amazing sight to see. She knows the art inside and out and has now branched out to create Coloimages. "


Coloimages is ranked as one of the TOP THREE SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERS in the US by "Best Senior Pictures" website.